• Feb 23 2017

    Income Tax Declaration 2017: Rules, Options and Penalties

      Delivery of the Income Tax Declaration 2017 begins on March 2 The deadline for submission of the Income Tax Declaration 2017 begins on March 2 and runs through April 28, 2017. Anyone who arranges to make the declaration at the beginning of the term has the advantage of having the time to ask questions […]

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  • Feb 21 2017

    National Driver’s License – CNH for Foreigners: Procedures and Peculiarities

    Being able to drive a vehicle regularly in the country of visit or stay has been an important issue. In Brazil, foreigners [1] or Brazilians who have obtained a foreign driver’s license are allowed to use the portfolio issued in their country of origin, provided they are in regular stay in Brazil. As a rule, […]

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  • Feb 07 2017

    The Tax Regularization Program 2017

    Federal Revenue Service regulates payment of debts The Tax Regularization Program The Tax Regularization Program (PRT), established by Provisional Measure No. 766, dated January 4, 2017, allows individuals and corporations to pay their debts of a tax nature or not, due by November 30, 2016, whether constituted or not, arising from previous installments terminated or […]

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  • Jan 26 2017

    Anual Statement of Brazilian Capitals Abroad

    Attention to the Obligation to Deliver the Annual Statement of Brazilian Capitals Abroad (CBE) For whom? Tax residents in Brazil, foreigners or not, who have assets and rights, including property, deposits, foreign currency, among other assets, whose total amount is equal to or greater than US $ 100,000.00, or the equivalent in another currency at […]

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  • Jan 18 2017

    Relocation – The new commercial front at BR-Visa

    BR-Visa presents its new portfolio of Relocation services. 2017 hasn’t yet really started and BR-Visa already has good news. Mai Kok, a professional with more than 16 years’ experience in the area of ​​expatriate relocation, has accepted the BR-Visa invitation and will be the partner responsible for the implementation and management of BR Relocation. In […]

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